Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sophie's Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa:

How have you been?  I have been extra good this year.

I helped Mom design and model her dog clothes, like the pretty fleece pajamas, hoodies and formal Christmas dresses.  Contrary to what you might have heard, I only tinkled in the house when I could not wake up my Dad butMom solved that by giving me a pretty pink turtle diaper to wear at night time.  I also play with kitty Katia a lot ans that is a very good thing, says Mom becasue Katia is getting older and loves to eat my food and needs to run to stay young and healthy,

Now, I know somebody squeeled about me eating cat poop.  Well, okay I do but only sometimes - when it just smells so good that I can not resist.  You know like special treats my human family eats.

I know you will be proud of me when I tell you I made a new friend.  Her name is Lola and she lives next door.  I met her when she poked her nose through a hole in the fence and Mom called her by her name and scratched her nose.  I like that nose - a lot but thought at the time what a funny looking dog that Lola was, with no face, ears or body, just a nose.  Man was I in for a surprise when Lola broke one morning through the fence!  She was not trying to be bad, just friendly and wanted to play.  But she is sooo big that she scared me and I started barking real loud.  I barked so much and so loud that I was all worn out when we got back in the house and I took a loong nap.  But Lola and I have become good friends now.

So Santa you see how good I have been?  that is why I thought it would be okay to send you a letter this year with my wish list.  So here it goes:

1.  I would like for Christmas a new white toy - like the one I play with all the time.

2.  I would alos like treats with lots of liver in it - like the Braunschweiger liver spread I like so much.

3.  Can you please full my Kong with that liver stuff?  Please put peanut butter in Cole's and Herman's cause they really like that but for me please make it liver, yum!

4.  Would it be okay to get a new rawhide bone too?  The kind you bring to my big brothers Cole and Herman?  And if you really want to do something nice, put liver on the bonr.  I would really like that.

5.  Now that stocking I have:  can you please fill that with liver treats?  Cookies are okay but I really like liver best.  That is if you could find cookies with liver flavor, now that would be really something! pleae bring something nice for Katia, Noelle and Scooter too?  They are my siblings too and I love them very much.

I think that is all, Santa. I hope you will include me and my fur siblings again this year cause we always look forward to your arrival on Christmas Eve.

Licks and double licks,


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Most Favorite Dog Christmas PJ for 2011

So far this is the most favorite little dog Christmas PJ of the 2011 Holiday season.  It is made from warm fleece fabric with colorful Xmas candy print and is decorated with red rick rack ribbon around each leg opening and a bright red bow on the back.  It is available in all my stores.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Interview with GeoBeats

Well, this was so exciting!  Mom and I started writing press releases so that more people can find us on the Internet and wouldn't you know:  we got found!  By an online magazine called GeoBeats.  GeoBeats invited Mom and me to do a video shoot with me modeling her designs.

We decided to do it in a very nice park with great backgrounds.  Yeah, it was still a little warm and I was very excited, but the shoot was great!  Below are the three clips that Geobeats uploaded to YouTube earlier today.

This is the first one and I am modeling some of the dresses you might recognize.

In this one I am wearing some of the new fleece sweaters.

And here it is all about PJS and bodysuits that will keep me and you warm this winter.

Take a look and let me know what you think!


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Fall!

Well, it has been a while, hasn't it.  My summer was really busy and it is nice to get back to writing again.  Before my human family went on vacation, I had a mega photo shoot.  I usually enjoy that very much but not in 110 degree weather!  I tried really hard telling my photographer friend Bianca, but she just kept on clicking.  I was soo tired.  Can you tell?  I was yawning and yawning, but it did no good.  We just had to do it.

After many dress pictures for Christmas, we finally went inside.  I though we were done, but oh nooo.  Now I had to pose for Halloween costumes!  They were so hot.  I figured out at that moment why my groomer had given me such a short haircut.  I bet it was because of those fleece costumes.

I think my absolute favorite Halloween costume for us dogs is Thing1 - Thing 2.  Mom made a bodysuit that can function as a pajama after Halloween and you can get rid of the hat if you don't like wearing it.  Mind you this one is not bad at all.  It closes in the front and is warm and nice.  As you can see, I kinda like it

Mom says that this is the most popular costume we have this year and I could not agree more.  This costume will look pretty on any dog.

The one costume I had trouble with was the pupcake one.  Not so much because of the sweater, I like that one, but that hat.  Take a look at the picture and I think you tell. 

Mind you, I like the rhinestones on that hat.  When the summer sun hit them, they stated sparkling.  It was really pretty.  You can them by clicking the  Pupcake dog costume link.

Well, there was some sad news too this early fall.  My kitty brother Harry died on September 9, 2011.  It was very sad and we all miss him a lot.  Harry had Valley Fever and the Chylothorax resulting from it made his lungs fill up with fluids. Mom said that his lung tumor had grown too and Harry just could not breathe anymore.  I knew he was in trouble when he did not want to play with me anymore.  He was tired all the time.

Well, so much for a brief update.  I am hungry and will go to grab a bite to eat.  But I will be back soon.  



Thursday, June 16, 2011

June's Featured Artist: Mary Robinson


Come meet Mary Robinson, the artist behind Peachtree Cottage.  

Mom is featuring her on the Featured Guest page.  She crochets the coolest bears you have ever seen!  And they are just the right size for me to play with!  Boy, I could use a new toy...anyway, please visit her studios and don't forget to leave her a comment below.  She'll appreciate it and so will I.  I love to read what you guys think!  

And, yeah, a follow would be nice too

Barks and Kisses,


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Our New Site Is Up!

Can you believe it?  Mom and I worked hard to get it done and now it is here.  You gotta visit the store and click around.  It is so cool!  Just click on the link below... and leave comments in the blog section!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Leaving Comments on Mom's Treasuries


I am so exited!  Mommy says that some of the artisans would like to leave comments regarding the treasuries my Mom made.  How cool is that?!

Hey, you guys, just leave them here!  Once mom gets the notification, she will put them up.  

Hope to hear from a lot of you.



Monday, May 23, 2011

It's Monday - again

Okay, so Monday is not my favorite day of the week.  Everybody is gone during the day and there is nobody to play with, well except Mom that is.

But Mom is busy this week getting caught up on all her sewing and I am helping her by making sure that no birds or my neighborhood friends are distrubing her.  So I run out of the sewing room very frquently these days, barking as loud and ferociosly as I can to make sure nobody distubs her concentration.  I tell you, it is a tough job, but somebody has to do it!

I also decided on a new featured guest for this week which is Foxtail Creek Studio, located in sunny Florida!  I hope you will check it out on our featured guest page.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The New Look

So, what do think?  Isn't it a great look?  Cia worked with Mommy on a brand new look for our studios and store and my blog!  I just love it!  Mom also added a page called "Featured Guests", so I can showcase some of the other artisans and their work.  Every week I will pick a new guest, so start following me and you won't miss who will be next.

This week, I picked Sew Cute Creations of Santa Ana, CA!

I am so excited, I could bark!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Come See My New Pictures!

I had a new photo session yesterday:  with all of mom's new stuff!  It was a lot of fun and I am ready to share the new pictures with you.


This is one of our new dresses.  It has a bright honey bee print and mom made an applique for the top so matches the skirt.  It is very comforatble to wear because it closes around my neck and girth with velcro, so i can still run around in the yard.


This one is the same dress but with a bright yellow top.  You can see the applique better here.  My hair isn't in the way.


This is definitely one of my favorite dresses this spring!  I just love that shade of pink and the princess crown print is perfect for a little princess like me!


This one is for all you guys out there who love pink and brown as a color combination!  I like the brighter colors better than the pastels, but that is of course just my opinion.  Mind you, I do like the puppy print.  They are dressed just like I am!


This one is it's counter part.  I like this one because of the rich contrast between the top and the skirt.  Mind you, both dresses are perfect to wear all year round and I bet you mom can make you a matching hat if you ask her.  Wouldn't that be fun?


Mom says that choclate covered strawberries are her favorite treat and that is why she made this dress.  Personally, I prefer Braunschweiger which is a sausage made from liver.  Boy, is it yummy!!!  I wonder if mom could find fabric with Braunschweiger on it...


So, okay, I obviously love this dress.  I think you can see that by my face.  It is a really pretty pink fabric with crown print and silver sparkles on it.  I feel like a princess when I wear it!

Well, this is the first batch.  I will be back later to show you the rest of the photos.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

No really, Spring is almost here!

Okay.  It has been rather cold in Arizona, I admit that.  And, yes, I really like my bodysuits.  They are soft and keep me toasty even when the weather is bad.

Mommy and I finished our first round of Easter clothes!  We decided that we would include a couple more hoodies and add three dress styles.  My favorite dress is this one:

Mommy already listed it in the store .  I like this one the best because the bunny reminds me of me after I took a bath:  all white, clean and fluffy.  That's me!

The hoodies Mommy and I made are different too.  Since you can find a lot of bunny prints in the different stores, we went on the internet to find a different print.  An Easter Lamb print!  Below are the two pictures.  Aren't they cute?

The blue one is listed here .

I really like the shade of blue and the way the pink flowers stand out.  It is sooo soft too!  So if you have cooler teperatures where you live, may be your mom or dad will buy you one of these?  Than you will be just as fashionable as I am!  LOL

The other one is pink and it is listed here .

You know, you might want to stop by our store, just to browse.  You will understand why mommy and I have so much fun sewing and designing.

Hope to see you there!



Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is Almost here!

So here it is February and I finally have some time to get back to things...

Mommy and I are busy these days designing our Easter fashions and we jsut finished the St Patrick's Day ones which are listed at My favorite St Patrick's day dress is the green clover one.
It has a very full skirt and I just love the polka dot ribbon.  It looks different!  Since it closes around the neck and the girth, I find it very comfortable even when I chase the birds in our yard.  It does not get in the way.

Another pick of mine is our lady bug and clover fleece hoodie.

This one features really bright colors on a pretty ivory background.  Personally, I have come to like ivory which is a white color with a touch of grey because it doesn't show the dirt, so I don't get in trouble when I wear it and roll in the grass.  Practical and pretty, the perfect hoodie for me.

Well, I better get back to the sewing room to see what mom is doing.

Talk to you soon!

Wags and kisses,