Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Happy Fall!

Well, it has been a while, hasn't it.  My summer was really busy and it is nice to get back to writing again.  Before my human family went on vacation, I had a mega photo shoot.  I usually enjoy that very much but not in 110 degree weather!  I tried really hard telling my photographer friend Bianca, but she just kept on clicking.  I was soo tired.  Can you tell?  I was yawning and yawning, but it did no good.  We just had to do it.

After many dress pictures for Christmas, we finally went inside.  I though we were done, but oh nooo.  Now I had to pose for Halloween costumes!  They were so hot.  I figured out at that moment why my groomer had given me such a short haircut.  I bet it was because of those fleece costumes.

I think my absolute favorite Halloween costume for us dogs is Thing1 - Thing 2.  Mom made a bodysuit that can function as a pajama after Halloween and you can get rid of the hat if you don't like wearing it.  Mind you this one is not bad at all.  It closes in the front and is warm and nice.  As you can see, I kinda like it

Mom says that this is the most popular costume we have this year and I could not agree more.  This costume will look pretty on any dog.

The one costume I had trouble with was the pupcake one.  Not so much because of the sweater, I like that one, but that hat.  Take a look at the picture and I think you tell. 

Mind you, I like the rhinestones on that hat.  When the summer sun hit them, they stated sparkling.  It was really pretty.  You can them by clicking the  Pupcake dog costume link.

Well, there was some sad news too this early fall.  My kitty brother Harry died on September 9, 2011.  It was very sad and we all miss him a lot.  Harry had Valley Fever and the Chylothorax resulting from it made his lungs fill up with fluids. Mom said that his lung tumor had grown too and Harry just could not breathe anymore.  I knew he was in trouble when he did not want to play with me anymore.  He was tired all the time.

Well, so much for a brief update.  I am hungry and will go to grab a bite to eat.  But I will be back soon.