Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22, 2012

Lots of things happened already this year and it is only July!  I went with my family on vacation to Hollywood, Ca and had a blast!  The different smells, people and places to see were very exciting to a little girl like me.

When we returned, Mom got very busy.  We moved our store to a different platform and Mom was and still is rewriting descriptions and putting more items on the site so that our store will have lots of new stuff to look at.  She also added new categories with pictures of my friends, all wearing their Little Dog Fashion outfits which is my absolute favorite page.  But there is lots more!  Mom got invited to join the The Artisan group (TAG) which was a BIG deal because these artisans come from all over the world and they do individual celebrity giftings and they participate in events like the Oscars!  Mom was able to gift Bethenny Frankel's dog Cookie and you can see and read about that on the new site.

But that was not all.  Mom also figured out how to get these pretty white backgrounds she and I had been admiring for such a long time.  It took a while to get to that point and I did a lot of supervising with naps in between, but I think she's got it!  Take a look at these pictures:  the first one with the darker background is the before and the one below the after shot.  What a difference!

Well, I better go for now and let Mom do some more work on the new site.  I hope you will check it out soon.