Friday, November 21, 2014

Peppermint Dog Harness for Christmas

Super sweet and cute enough to eat, this peppermint little dog harness will have your doggie festive and irresistible for the holidays.  Featuring a silky bow, Christmas stripes and green accents, this will be adorable on boy and girl dogs alike. View the rest of our Christmas offerings!


Small Dog Christmas Tree Outfit

Are Mommy and Daddy giving a Christmas party? Make your baby the belle of the Christmas ball with this lovely party dress suitable for the whole season. Fabric in the style of the Christmas tree and shimmering Swarovski accents make this shimmering dress unforgettable. Imagine finding this present under the dress in a warm puppy!


Christmas Pajamas for Little Dogs!

If your pup has been extra nice, you should treat baby to some awesome new pajamas to await Santa. Our latest line features embroidered details in seasonal fabrics and colors and even customization with your baby's name. Perfect for small dogs, these pajamas are hand made and sewn, plush with cute bow and lace details, and are the cat's meow in pajamas...sorry! Dog's bark in pajamas!

Take a look at the new styles....


Friday, October 31, 2014

We're Featured in a New Book

Feel Pretty Today and Always is a new title out in the book world. Our fashions are featured!


Local Phoenix TV Covers Little Dog Fashion Halloween Costumes

My Mom was featured in a Chanel 12 News TV segment on what all the pups are wearing for Halloween this year!

The show features Mom's new line including angel, fairy, devil and Folklorico dancer costumes. I'm even on TV wearing my fairy outfit! I was more interested in saying hi to Mom than in parading down the runway but it was really fun and nice exposure for my mommy.
Visit our Facebook page to see pics of the costumes. 

Love & licks!


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Autumn Leaves Dog Clothes for Fall

Here comes fall and designer Uta has been busily creating new autumn themed wear, darling new dresses that celebrate the season. From Thanksgiving dresses to just-anytime dresses, come visit the store to see what's new. :)


Dog Fabrics Maltese and Yorkie

My Mom has a really fun job because she gets to find doggie fabrics all day. These are some that she's considering of Yorkies and Maltese pups. Over on Facebook  you can vote on the fabrics that she'll be using and even order dresses and boy clothes that aren't on the website yet! She makes it easy, you just send the dimensions and pay via PayPal and your clothes come right to your door. Do you have a favorite in these?

Love, Sophie


Couture Doggie Coat Russia

It's Labor Day, but soon we'll be headed for cooler weather and what pup doesn't deserve a couture coat that makes he or she look like a Russian prince or princess? Part of our Sari Beaux collection, designer Uta lets her imagination run wild with this gorgeously made byzantine style coat featuring faux fur accents and rich gold fabric on black ground.  The fabric features St. Basil's Cathedral in Russia. Adorable blue frog closure keeps puppy warm while enchanting anyone who sees this outfit! But there's even more...a HAT, with a pointed top recalling the spire of the cathedral.  Available for order (as is all couture) and retails at $260.


Halloween in the Barnyard Dog Costumes

What is cuter than a small dog dressed up like another animal? We can't think of anything. Our special collection is handmade, and you can't find these costumes anywhere else. Our designer Uta came up with this series to be playful and non-scary for the little dog owner who appreciates quality fabrics that are snuggly and fun to wear. Among the animals are pig, donkey, cow, panda and leopard (not usually found in the barnyard but oh so fashionable).


Inspired by Frozen Dog Clothes

When we say we do custom design, we really mean it. For a Disney movie lover of "Frozen" we created a special costume for girls based on one of the main characters. It went over so well we had a request to do the sister's coronation outfit. Here's how we sourced the fabric - after much searching we found a great fit on, then the embroidery for the black bodice came from Etsy, always a great source. This is being made for an adorable little Biewer Yorkie, called Tiffany.  Her brother Pistol will be wearing another costume we'll make based on another character (the guy in the white coat). How cute is this for Halloween?

And the completed article modeled by Sophie!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dressing up your doggie

When you have a little dog, one of the best things in the world is being able to dress them up in outfits that are so cute it hurts. I LOVE wearing clothes and Mom taught me from the time I was little how to love wearing dresses. The fabrics are always cuddly and I feel snuggly warm in winter and light and fluffy in summer. It's always in season to wear an outfit. I love being a furry fashionista!

Did you know that people started dressing their doggies in clothes a long time ago - little kids would try on their doll clothes for small pets and they usually didn't fit but that didn't stop kids from trying! Thankfully in the 90s people began to get serious about pet fashion and there was a surge of interest in pet parades and pet costumes for Halloween. That's my favorite season of all! I like to get dressed up and bark at the door when the trick or treaters come and they like to see what I'm wearing just like I like to see them! Mom calls it the "barking holiday" because I have such a good time all night long!

Hugs and wags,


Christmas in July

Mom's having a big sale on Christmas outfits this month. Even while I'm panting outside in the heat, I can still imagine wearing cute new outfits for Santa! Use Mom's coupon to get 10% off all Christmas items at her store: Just close your eyes and imagine a little dog like me bounding around on Christmas Eve in a seasonal dress or vest and how totally cute it would be. Buy ahead of the season and save (Mom told me to say that).

Love and wags,


Pinterest Board

Mom is pinning adorable new outfits for me and my friends on Pinterest. You can find her board here:
My favorite outfit is a pink tutu and Eiffel Tower dress that is the dog's paws for Paris loving pups. There are tons more dresses and boy clothes, too! Mom has been really busy! Go see if you can find my picture modeling with my friends Pebble and Rock.
Wags & kisses,