Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Dressing up your doggie

When you have a little dog, one of the best things in the world is being able to dress them up in outfits that are so cute it hurts. I LOVE wearing clothes and Mom taught me from the time I was little how to love wearing dresses. The fabrics are always cuddly and I feel snuggly warm in winter and light and fluffy in summer. It's always in season to wear an outfit. I love being a furry fashionista!

Did you know that people started dressing their doggies in clothes a long time ago - little kids would try on their doll clothes for small pets and they usually didn't fit but that didn't stop kids from trying! Thankfully in the 90s people began to get serious about pet fashion and there was a surge of interest in pet parades and pet costumes for Halloween. That's my favorite season of all! I like to get dressed up and bark at the door when the trick or treaters come and they like to see what I'm wearing just like I like to see them! Mom calls it the "barking holiday" because I have such a good time all night long!

Hugs and wags,


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