Friday, November 21, 2014

Peppermint Dog Harness for Christmas

Super sweet and cute enough to eat, this peppermint little dog harness will have your doggie festive and irresistible for the holidays.  Featuring a silky bow, Christmas stripes and green accents, this will be adorable on boy and girl dogs alike. View the rest of our Christmas offerings!


Small Dog Christmas Tree Outfit

Are Mommy and Daddy giving a Christmas party? Make your baby the belle of the Christmas ball with this lovely party dress suitable for the whole season. Fabric in the style of the Christmas tree and shimmering Swarovski accents make this shimmering dress unforgettable. Imagine finding this present under the dress in a warm puppy!


Christmas Pajamas for Little Dogs!

If your pup has been extra nice, you should treat baby to some awesome new pajamas to await Santa. Our latest line features embroidered details in seasonal fabrics and colors and even customization with your baby's name. Perfect for small dogs, these pajamas are hand made and sewn, plush with cute bow and lace details, and are the cat's meow in pajamas...sorry! Dog's bark in pajamas!

Take a look at the new styles....