Fashion Advice

My first choice has to be my own bed! 
Mom made it for me in pink because that is my favorite color.  Mind you I really like the darker shade of pink the best, so mom figured out a way to add some of these soft fleece flowers to my bed.  I was so excited, I jumped in and out of my new bed, barking up a storm.  I totally wore myself out.  Can you tell?
And it looks like I am not the only one who really likes her bassinet.  Take a look at my friend Shorty in Utah.  He likes his just as much!

Now that it is fgetting cooler, I want to show you some of the hoodies mom already made!  They are made from fleece and soo soft and warm!

My absolute favorite (at this point anyway) is the pink Princess one! 

I like it because I can get dressed easily.  Mom just has to pull it over my head.  And the ribbon is really pretty.  Look at the different pink tiaras.  this dog hoodie is perfect for a little pricess like me.  But best of all, it is pink!

But mom makes dog hoodies for the boys as well.  I picked the green car doggie hoodie because I like to takes rides in the car and I think this dog hoodie would be great for Shorty or some of my other boy dog friends.

Since it has been a while, I will add my favorite Valentine clothes here.  Mom and I designed a few different ones this year, but my absolute favorite is the pink heart dress with white venise trim.  Here is a picture of the dress :

And if you have read my earlier posts, you know why I picked this one:  I LOVE pink!

But mom did not do dresses alone.  While it can be a warm Valentine's Day in Arizona where I live, it might be cold where you are.  But that does not mean you have to sacrifice you sense of style or comfort.  Mom designed a couple of Valentine's hoodies that are soft and warm and at the same time celebrate Valentine's Day.  Here is the first one:

The other one she did looks like this:

These two hoodies are only a sample of my mom's work.  If you are curious as to what else mom and I have been making, click this link and you will find out.