Four-legged Family

This is a page about my family where I will share our adventures and pictures with you.  So here we go:

This is my big brother Scooter.  And big he really is.  He weighs about 18 pounds which 3 times my size.

Scooter is very shy and hides a lot but he is getting used to me and comes out of hiding now.  Especially when mom gives me my breakfast or dinner.  He LOVES my dog food because mom puts baby food on it.  I have to admit, it tastes very yummy!

Mind you mom says he is not supposed to eat it because he has digestive problems and is on a special diet.  And that diet makes his bottom smell SOOOO good!  OMG!  Every time he walks by and i get a whiff, I just have to smell it...

This handsome guy is Harry.  Harry is very friendly and loves people.  At first I did not understand that but mom and dad have taken me places and I have met many nice people that way.

Harry and I used to play a lot.  That was before he got sick - very sick actually.  Harry has something called Valley Fever and has to take medicine twice a day to get better.

At first he just sat on the couch and did not want to anything anymore.  man, I tried my best:  getting up on my hind legs, pouncing, barking, running, he just turned away and jumped in the bay window.  I was totally confused!  Was it something I said?  Did I do something wrong?  But mom explained that he was not feeling well and to leave him alone for a while.

Well, I am happy to report that Harry is slowly but steadily feeling better.  In fact, the other day we played a little with the reflection of a flashlight, a game he used to love.  but he got tired quickly and went off to take a nap.

Unfortunately, my brother Harry died on September 9, 2011  due to the Valley Fever and the Chylothorax he had.  It was a very sad day nd we all miss him very much.

My best friend Katia!  Yeah, she really is!  Although she is a little on the chubby side, she is quite fast and loves to play as much as I do.

Our favorite game is to chase each other around the house and jump on the couch, chair and cat furniture.  Because our house has two openings to the family room, Katia and I can run in circles and get crazy.  We do that every morning and evening.  Boy it is so much fun!

I wish I could take her outside when mom and I go in the Guesthouse to work.  Sometimes Katia sneeks outside and mom has a hard time catching her.  I usually watch and wish that katia could stay.  I would take care of her and make sure she would be allright.  Honest!  but mom saya that kitty cats belong inside the house where they are safe.  (Sigh)

I don't know what it is between Noelle and me, but this cat is a hard nut to crack!

She just did not warm up to me at all and was hissing, spitting and growling up a storm.  I defended myself as best as I could by barking and getting up on my hind legs to shw her I was the boss.  But it did not any good.

Although we both sleep on mom and dad's bed, she still, to this day, does the hissing and spitting and growling bit.  Mom usually comes to my rescue to tells her to be nice to me but will she listen?  Not really.  Unless I get my dinner.  Then she wants to be my friend.

I wish she would get over her dislike towards me and just play with Katia and me.  I think that would be so much fun!