This is Roxie.  She was my first friend.  Roxie is a rescue Bichon and was very lucky to have found her mom.  Her mom loves to take pictures of Roxie and i wish she would live close so she could also take pictures of me.  By the way:  Roxie's mom found my mom on Etsy where she also has a little store. 

Next is Bella.  Isn't she pretty?  Bella is wearing one of mommy's polka dot dresses and has come back since to get her own special Snow Princess hoodie.  I will show you a picture of her in her hoodie when we talk about the new things that mom designed and makes.  Bella seems to like the outdoors just like I do.  She lives in CT.  Boy, I wish she would live here in Arizona so we could go to the park together.... sigh

And this is Little Bit.  She lives with her sisters, Emma and Honey Bee in California.  I have been to California when mom, dad and my human siblings Bill and Bianca went to visit our cousins in San Diego.  What a great place to go!  They have an ocean and I like to go swimming.  I wonder if Little Bit goes swimming too...

My littlest friend in Utah is called Shorty and he is a teacup Poodle.  Mom made him a special bassinet with his name ironed on the ribbon.  His other siblings are Gigi, Coco, Mighty Mouse, Snickers and Suzette.  Oh, and I think one more little boy joined them.  Can't wait to post their pictures here!